General FAQs

How do I plug my unit in?

All units are equipped with a 5V, 40A, or 220V standard power supply. Each unit also comes with AV, DVI, HDMI, SDI, S -Video, and DPetc source compatibility.

What Is An LED Cube Display?

This LED display is a three-dimensional display device constructed in the shape of a cube. It consists of multiple LED screens that can be individually controlled to display different images and videos or all display the same image and video allowing for dynamic patterns and effects.

What Are The Applications Of LED Cube Displays?

LED cube displays are commonly used in advertising, indoor decoration, art performances, and more. They can display text, images, videos, and other content.

How Does An LED Cube Display Work?

LED cube displays generate patterns and effects by controlling the brightness of each individual LED light. LEDs are arranged based on their positions on each face of the cube, and by rapidly switching and adjusting the brightness of each LED, a three-dimensional effect is achieved.

How Can You Control The Content Displayed On An LED Cube Display?

LED cube displays are typically equipped with control systems and software that can be operated through computers /WIFI / Laptop / 4G / USB / IPhone / Android.